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With the help of the professional and trained staff here at, you can have your computer on the road to recovery in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 - Create a Free Account

To register your free account click here!. It is quick and easy to register an account. Be sure to complete all the required fields, the security question and captcha text. Upon registration you will need to confirm your account via your email address. will not redistribute your email or spam you with annoying emails.

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Step 2 - Download and Run OTL

OTL is the forums main tool for inspecting systems for malware. Please note OTL is only an analysis tool and NOT an anti-virus/malware/spyware.

  1. Download OTL.exe to your Desktop.
  2. Click the 'Quick Scan' the top of the window. (allow OTL to scan your system, it may take several minutes depending on your machines state).
  3. It will generate two logs that will be saved to the Desktop (OTL.txt and Extras.txt). Keep these as they will be needed later.

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If OTL fails to run, then please try the other versions; OTL.scr or

Step 3 - Create a New Thread
Create a new thread in the Malware, Spyware and Virus Help forum. To do so click here! In the thread title, please include a short message of your symptom. This will help our experts pick out the infections they are most familiar with.

In the body, please include as much detail as possible regarding symptoms and any problems you are facing that we can help with. Symptoms can be (but not limited to); slowness, random noises, web engine redirects, warnings and the inability to run programs.

Then copy/paste your two logs from OTL (OTL.txt and Extras.txt) into your thread for the experts to look at.

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Upon completion of the above, post your thread and wait for an expert to come along and help you. It usually takes no longer than 2 days for a helper to come.
I will be making a thread soon
And hope you join the HJT team sooner :P
Hey Omm, your 'Click Here' link up top is messed up. This is a great service. Hopefully soon we will get the new section up and going.
Good, this is stickied now.
Lol Omm will be the first one to get the stick award :D
He's going to help us out with the Malware Specialists group. He's a trained member in malware removal, so he's one of our top guys right now for that.

Update: I fixed your "Click here" link for registration Omm.
Can you guys do some tutorials on malware analysis? you know to make sure a file is not backdoored?
Thanks Unleashed. And yes Hell Guardian, that will definitely come with time :)

EDIT: Updated to have the new image. Thread is now complete.
Are you not going to ask for scans while you are at it? It will save the helpers' time, instead of having to ask the users to perform it every time.
(06-13-2011, 12:18 AM)Styx Wrote: [ -> ]Are you not going to ask for scans while you are at it? It will save the helpers' time, instead of having to ask the users to perform it every time.

That was the initial thought but it will only be implemented when we get a few more people needing help :)
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