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As some of you may know, I used to use Linux as my primary OS when I was having problems with my Windows. I used it for a good 5-6 months, until finally getting bored not being able to run all programs with Wine, so I went back to windows. After months of missing it, I've finally decided to do something about it, that's why I made this thread, to share with you what I've been doing for the past hour or so.

Well, today I decided to take a little whirl back into the Linux world, I had Linux Ubuntu on a CD\DVD Disk for a few days now, so I decided to dual boot my Windows with Linux. After running through multiple "bumps" in the road, as this was my first time dual booting, I've now got it on my laptop. :D

I've only allocated around 21GBs to it, as I'll only use it for messing around with/showcasing but it just feels so good to have it on my machine. Although, Ubuntu is so much different than Mint 11 (Kataya - The distro I was running before) so it's going to take me some time to get used to it again, but when I do, I'll be so happy. NormalSmile

By the way, has anyone got a suitable/good background for Ubuntu? If it has something to do with TLF on it too I'd use it. :D

Looks like your Firefox on Ubuntu doesn't like our site either. (the top menu). I installed chrome and it looks fine.

I've been bouncing OS's off my desktop for awhile. I just put Mint 12 back on it. I had it on my Laptop too but decided to take it off.

I'm going to try and get this Linux section popping by posting anything I run into. Little things like how to install chrome can help us out. :P
Yeah, Firefox just doesn't like anything good. ;)

The image wouldn't load, so I installed Google Chrome too, now it's all fine.
So, to understand deeply, you installed Ubuntu 12.04 (latest) , no ? On 32 bits or 64 bits ?
And another question, how much did you allocated for swap partition ? How does your drivers work (glxgears fps ?) ?

On ubuntu, Ubuntu One Online Cloud service it's very good (but I had lower upload speed than Dropbox) see for yourself:

To remind me what I hated at Ubuntu, how does your boot screen (grub 2?) looks like? Pretty :)
Although there exists workarounds ...

i am very glad with my firefox, there several really nice firefox plugin I am using which really helps
This is an old thread, but the site is a bit quiet.

I have always dual-booted my machines. Windows (Win 10 build 10532) is ok, I guess, but sometime it just drives me crazy. I am finding ways to do everything in Linux (Kubuntu 15.04). Cuckoo sandbox needs Linux anyway. But some of the assembly stuff needs windows. I need to see if masm will run in WINE.
Also when messing around with viruses and malware I'm less likely to stuff up and accidentally run something I shouldn't have.
Shintaro! It's been awhile. Unfortuneatly TLF has been quite dead. I've just landed two jobs and have been working like crazy. Miss having ya around though.