Full Version: Heya =D
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Hey everyone!

I am Epixors, a 14-years old Dutch web-developer, game developer and coder/server developer.
I focus on the language PHP and other site development “languages“ HTML, CSS and sometimes JavaScript.
Currently I‘m studying ActionScript 3 very hard to develop better games.

I also develop (private) servers for games and some other tools in C# and Java.

My current projects are:

Crawling: an online crime text-rppg, still in early stages (much to be added soon when I finish testing at localhost).

Link: , can‘t post clickable links yet. (Not my domain by the way, I‘m just an admin of it.)

Dimensions: a single-player fantasy flash game, no preview yet as it‘s still in a mostly idea stage.

I‘ll post the storyline and concept later (I‘m typing this entire topic on my mobbile.

I came here when doing some research on asynchronous socket servers in VB.Net (I usually do it in Java or C#) and found a great video/topic by Kobe, so if you‘re reading this Kobe: Thanks!

I‘m looking forward to socializing with and contributing to this community ;) Thanks for reading, bye!

Now that I see this on my computer, I have no idea how small it was. It looked HUGE on my mobile :P
Welcome Epixors!

You have nice experience for a 14 year old. Thanks for joining TLF. We have a lot of programmers here so you should fit in well. From your bio, I think you'll be a nice member to have around and look forward to seeing you throughout the forum.

Thanks KoBE, nice avatar by the way :D

And about the experience, I never have anything to do for school (highest education level, still not challenged :\), and even with the hanging out and tons of music (listening, playing, composing) I still have bunches of free time, and in that time I program and experiment.

Just entered the coding contest, was fun to write, not really difficult though.
Welcome to the forum, hope you find stuff to learn around here, and that you enjoy the community :)

Welcome to TLF! I hope you enjoy here!