Full Version: Just Bought The iPhone 4 :D
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As you may or may not know, I bought a Blackberry Bold 9700 back in January, and it's actually rather annoying. It likes to unlock itself and call people so it wastes my credit. After many-a-pounds wasted from that happening I was looking at iPhones, and found the iPhone 4, second hand for quite cheap. I decided to buy it! Has anyone else got one? If so I'd like to know what it was/is like. Wink2
Anyway Iphone is good phone but HTC is better than "sexy iphone" :P


This is my personal opinion :))

I have an iPhone 4 16 GB Black, been like over one year :)

It's worth the money, and still working fine. But if you really want to get the most out of it, then you should jailbreak it.
Yeah I might Jailbreak it, but I don't want to risk breaking it tbh.
If you mess up jailbreaking it, just factory reset it. You'd have to REALLY mess up something bad to brick it.
Not only that, I don't think there's any iOS 5 jailbreaks yet. :/
That's true too. My iPod became so slow when I jailbroke it :\
Yeah, but that's an iPod, lol. I would like it Jailbroken, but if not that's okay too. I'll probably only mainly use it for music, netflix and skype anyway.
iPhone's are really the only kind of phone i'll get. Because they are easy to use, and good for a multitude of things. You've got a screen, no buttons that wear out like a blackberry.
It's been posted to me today, so it should hopefully be here by Friday! :D
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