Full Version: It's The Weekend!
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Time to get drunk as often as possible, regardless of company or lack there-of.

So yeah... Anyone else drinking tonight? I'm up for random off-topic discussions ;P
I'm actually bricking it right now. I start a new college on monday and it's a 45 minute bus ride every morning. Have a lot to do, and little time to do it. :s
Unsure what bricking means.
lol nope, I hardly ever really drink. I do once in a while but only when i'm out, and even then I don't really drink until i'm even half drunk. I'll party though still, but it's nice to actually remember those good times the morning after :)
You know, I used to drink and smoke quite a bit of pot. But one time I got alcohol poisoning and probably would have died choking on my own vomit had a friend not stayed awake all night to hold me above the toilette. Now drinking turns me off, and I got bored of pot years and years ago. I find that I'm actually a lot happier doing neither. What?
(09-01-2012, 08:02 PM)Predator Wrote: [ -> ]Unsure what bricking means.
"bricking it" is basically a way of saying "sh***ing myself".
+1 for BreShiE's Post lol.

I'll most probably have a beer or two tonight :P