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Thread deleted as I no longer attend this college.
That's pretty small compared to the colleges we have here. Although my suggestion to you would be to talk to whoever you can about this, and tell them the situation. If they haven't responded to you, or have, but haven't done anything about it at the time, then you'll have to go to your Level 2 class. Take it as you would, until you hear back from them as to whether they can move you up, or in case they can't then you're already in a class at least. See how it goes if you feel like taking it in case you're unsure, otherwise if you feel it's not important, then drop out and try to get things figured out from there. (Whether this means registration next year unfortunately or not.)

It can't hurt to go to the Level 2 just to check it out though. That's my opinion... I've never been to an IT course in my life actually. Everything i've learned is self taught and from other's (also not even IT). But because it's been a hobby all my life practically, i've learned quick. Being that i've never heard back from people who have taken IT courses though or taken one myself, I couldn't say whether i'd pass with flying colors or struggle on some parts lol. But i'm sure i'd pass at the least.

You can get educated on this stuff, but usually from what i've been through so far in my life, real experience with everything i've ever done has taught me much more than school ever has.

Not to say that school is bad, but i'm fortunate that I've got the life experiences that i've had so far. The only thing school really gives you is proof, that you can do something in a particular field, depending on what you took in school.

And that "proof" based upon just a single grade, is really just a little extra bribery into getting employers to take the risk on hiring you when you're done and you go out to find a job. Aside from the cash cow that the educational system is in my opinion, that's the sick part...

I'm a smart guy, but some things in life just don't really make sense to me. Being a programmer doesn't really help either because I analyze things to try and see if they make sense or not, way too much.
BreShiE dont you guys finish high school at 16?
College (at least in the US) is such a breeze. It's so much better than High School. Nothing to be scared about!
Supposedly our High School educational system in Canada actually teaches the stuff that people in the US would learn at a college/university level. So college/university for you guys is much easier. I don't know whether it's true or not, but i've heard that a few times. I don't know about the US educational system personally though.
It's 4:30 in the morning and I can't sleep. Supposed to be up for college in 2 hours. I'm screwed.
Coffee. That's the only way I survive low sleep and early class.
I'll just take some pro plus with an energy drink lol.
I've had days like that, hope to god that it's not early in the week too when that happens because if you work all week like I do, it's nearly impossible to catch up on sleep until that following weekend when you have a busy life at work and after work everyday.
Sat in college right now after 1 hours sleep. Lol, it's actually quite fun.
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