Full Version: Virtual Piano
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Not sure if you all have seen this site, but it allows you to play Piano, using your keyboard.

Check it out:

They even have sheet music written with the key board combinations:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

dd jj kk j hh gg ff d jj hh gg f jj hh gg f dd jj kk j hh gg ff d
I can play myself a bedtime melody because i'm already up too late on a weekday when I've got to work tomorrow morning lol Laugh

Interesting though :)
I'm actually up late working myself. I have an ASP.Net application that I need to have ready to demo by tomorrow morning. It's not an incredibly difficult app, but there are quite a few pages that I need to make sure are as bug free as I can think to test.
thumb up! Interesting! A good app to kill times!
I'd rather use my keytar, keyboard, piano, stage piano, or even Synthesia (that's a program by the way, fun for learning, plug my keyboard into my computer to mess with it sometimes) than this. Funny though :D