Full Version: I just locked myself out of TLF and Google, well.. kind of.
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Earlier today I changed the time on my computer to 2016. I was messing around with an application and wanted to see what it'd do if I went installed it in the future, then tried to use it in the 'past' by setting my time back.

Well, during that time I also logged into TLF, used Google, all that stuff. Needless to say when I changed my time back.. my login wouldn't work. NO matter what I did I couldn't get it to log in. Google rejected me and thought my computer was being hacked.

Finally I realized what might be causing these issues, I cleared my cache, restarted Chrome, then did a victory dance.

So, the moral of this story (speaking of m0ral, I miss that guy) is, don't play with your time if you don't want funny things to happen with your session cookies and certificates and junk.
...and so don't waste your time by doing this..... loool ^^

PS : It's a joke KoBE. Thx for sharing this issue. ;)
Haha, yeah.. it was definitely an interesting problem I got myself in. Grant it, I shouldn't be playing around with the time settings anyways, it was still interesting to see that websites wouldn't store any session data until I cleared the cache and restarted.
That's actually quite interesting. I wonder why google would reject you though? Would it be in case the malicious virus/hacker would be trying to access the persons google accounts? Hmm. Same with MyBB, I can't see why that wouldn't work.
Well, the reason I think MyBB didn't work is because the cookies were stored in the future, so when Chrome check to see if they were valid, then it wouldn't work. I could have switch to IE and it would have worked just fine, because hadn't used it.

Google had something to do with this security certificate.
I changed the time to 2013, and Chrome said "Google is not a safe website, do you still want to visit the site?". So I could say Yes and still go there. Facebook however was not working.

But it worked good when I restored my time, didnt have to clear cookies :S
Haha, I think I once made my settings go Russian while messing with the time :P You shouldn't mess with time, it's an odd thing for some programs.
Did you put the time in the future? Maybe that means we will all speak Russian in the future
Set your time to the end of december 2099 and wait for the time to change to the next day.

Warning: WinRar may finally expire.
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