Full Version: Hi! I'm new here.
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Hello to you all!
I'm new here and ill start talking about myself so you can get to know me better.
I'm a designer.I design in photoshop any kind of stuff, but mostly UI's and web pages.
As a programmer i'm not so advanced, tried my luck in and got to know some of it, and i can make an app that can do mostly anything i want.
I find coding interesting but i also find it kind of hard to learn.
That is why i came here, to learn some more from other users, as well to give them back what i know and help them how i can.
I can help you with UI designs if you need some but if i make them too complicated then feel free to tell me what is it that you can't do with it so i can work my way around it or help you out with it.
Thanks for accepting me into this community and wish all of you a nice day.
Welcome senyor :)

Nice to know you've already got into coding a bit, if you really want to try and learn more perhaps you can see if there's still a spot in the VB School which can be found here:

Hope you learn and enjoy the community!
Welcome! Happy to have you around!
Welcome to TLF. UI design.. well any design really is where I lack. However I like to think I'm a capable programmer in certain areas. So together, we might make a good team.. :P

You've definitely chose a good community if you're wanting to 'learn'. I know I speak for more than a few members here in saying that as long as someone shows a desire to learn, they will get help here.

Hopefully you can also teach us some things about design. As I've already said, it's not my strong point.
I know a little about a lot when it comes to computers, but my main point is programming, and also my main interest/hobby. Hope you can learn what you wanted to know more about, by being a new member of this community.

Don't hesitate to post problems that you're having, whether it's with programming, web-related stuff, or any other topic that our forum covers. We've got a strong community here that's always willing to help.