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I'm a PHP programmer and I am currently developing (not sure if I'm allowed to promote, sorry :P)

These forums seemed interesting so I've signed up :)
Eh, no harm in a link. Once you have (I think 5 posts) you will be able to post URLs. Thanks for signing up. We have a few PHP guys around here as well, we could always use another!

Have a look around and let me know if you have any questions.
Ohey. I do quite some PHP coding too but doing more C# and AS3 lately. Nice to have you here :)
Good to have another PHP programmer around here :) I could do it, but I get 100% more enjoyment out of desktop software development. Needless to say I haven't spent much time with PHP, and i'm not that good with it still lol.

Welcome to TLF! I think you'll enjoy it here, we're a gradually expanding community, but the greatest thing that i've found unique about this forum in comparison to the literally 100's of other forums I've been on, is that this place (as well as Reboot which is actually quite similar to TLF, and you'll find a link for it at the top), is mainly driven by user's hobbies and interests.

We're all here because we really enjoy technology/computers, learning and sharing :)