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Hi, I'm Hatred

I'm 16 Years Old, i can code html/CSS, JavaScript, i came here because i need to improve my skills on coding.
Hey Hatred,

Welcome to TechLifeForum. Those are all web-based languages. Are you looking to improve on web-based languages then? Like PHP? Or willing to expand further into even software development as well as website development?

Hope you'll enjoy the community :)
lol yeah, i'm currently studying php, and i still need to improve my coding skills xD
We have a few decent PHP programmers around. KoBE (the other Admin), actually creates his own plugins for this forum as well.
Seems like quite some people joining recently are in to Web Development. Perhaps this topic is of interest to you: (lol self-advertising). Not really updating it anymore as I'm a bit busy lately. 

Oh and nice to have you here :)
Oh, Hey Epix, you're from trilliux right?
Yeah I am, who are you on there?