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Sharing one of my software...

"Lyrics Database Program provides a simple way to find and organize lyrics."

"Lyrics Database Program provides a rich database of lyrics categorized by artists."

"With Lyrics Database Program, you will also be able to search for lyrics online."

Store and organize lyrics

Quote:Lyrics Database Program is a handy and reliable application designed to find, store and manage lyrics from a simple and user-friendly environment.

With Lyrics Database Program, you will be able to search for lyrics online or add your own set to the database. Lyrics can be edited, as well as exported for easy sharing.

ยท NET Framework 4.0.

Certification: 100% Clean

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What does it use for the database system?
As you can see in the folder, it has LyricsDB.mdb.

It simply uses MS Access as its database.

I didn't download it. I forgot you can use Access DB files with out having Access installed.
Finally approved in Softpedia. :)