Full Version: ACE IS EVIL!
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Yeah uhh, I assume he is the devils child
For those who cant read because of the size, he had 666 posts
So? lol i always had at least 50 posts more than him!
But stopped that now :D
666 = Christians Devil Number
Lol this is the second time i fall for that xD
Sorry about that :P
And to make it up to you i will give you a medal
You have your own award? lol
Lol it's not an official one
I give it to the people i like only to put on their Signs
Something like
Hell Guardian Just Gave Me A Medal

Image link?
Congrats you are the first camel..."cough" I mean member to have the award :D
For those of you who don't know, if you click on the tag below the "Shrinked" image it will open the image in Full View inside of a new tab, or new window, depending on if your browser doesn't support tabs like in IE6.

And yes, I recently signed a contract with the devil, and he bumped up my post count to a specific number lol.

Not really, just my one time to have a bit of a joke on the forum lol. Back to being a mature administrator now.
Had to post that :D

When I hit 667 posts, I post 2 really fast that way nobody can catch a screenshot of it ;)
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