Full Version: Ahoy Maties!
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Hi there, I'm a new guy here. I hope there's room for me ship. hahaha

I hope to be around in the threads!
Welcome to TLF. Tell us about yourself!
We always have room. Welcome aboard!
That's good. I'm thinking about posting my office remodel thread... But the darn thing is huge...

ByteBlast: All you need to know about me is I am a huge Jack Frost Fan. Rolling

Kidding, just kidding. Actually I've been doing interior design for about 3 years and also been working on computers for about 12 years. But I am also a fan of Jack Frost.
I never knew you were a Jack Frost fan, but I can tell now :). Computers are a fun hobby when you actually dig deep into what you can do with them. Unfortunately most people think that it's only use is good for viewing the facebook website.
Of course. I wouldn't have him all over the place if I weren't. I seem I feel like I relate to Jack Frost and Hiccup.
Welcome aboard, see you around! :)