Full Version: New member here, from Vermont.
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Howdy Folks.
Found this place via an email from Reboot.

Not so much to tell about me I think...
I'm just a boring old guy who 'does PCs' and a bit of PC-based PBX work - and got started in the pre-x86 days (perhaps you remember the Z80 CPUs ??).
Been at it ever since and went full-time when it was time to realize the body wasn't up for heavy industrial work anymore...that was about 20 years or so ago.
Aside of that mostly I read, tinker and stay healthy to the best of my abilities.

A word about certs, just my observations & opinion:
I don't believe in them - known too many folks with all kinds of letters after their names who (if they called themselves a tech...) couldn't even connect an IDE drive - thought master/slave were all about tobacco plantations, and basically couldn't find their way out of a paper sack with a flashlight and a roadmap - and I've done well enough by learning continuously every day - no courses or certs for me, thanks !!!

Best Wishes to All.
Hi there smallhagrid, welcome to TLF!

To some point I do agree with your statements about continuous learning. Many folks just sit without interest or curiosity in expanding their own knowledge skills. Certifications are not necessarily a bad thing, the problem are people who just study enough to score the exams and don't really understand the context of what they studied nor apply understand how to apply this knowledge on practical scenarios.

For that matter with this kind of people, just having whatever certification without practice is plain deceiving.

Welcome aboard!
Welcome to TLF! I find your take on certs rather interesting. Although I can see a few good things behind them, I do agree with you to an extent. I don't dabble much on the hardware side of things myself; I'm more of a programming enthusiast by nature.

Again welcome. I look forward to seeing you around.
Thanks Folks !!!
In the busier part of the 'computer revolution' I was exposed to a great many "A+" trained & certified 'technicians' who were just not ready at all to be out & about actually WORKING with the stuff.

Likewise, I have repaired a great many PCs that have fallen to the scourge of Uncle Bob's hands because that man was 'M$ certified', and that meant in his relatives eyes that he just had to know EVERYTHING about computers.

My time doing this stuff has shown me how the terminology alone is beyond the grasp of most folks (MEGAbytes - MEGAhertz - what's the difference ?!?) in the very same way that a great many folks have zero interest in the how and why of microwaves being used to heat the food they eat daily.

I prefer to have at least some basic comprehension of what is around me.
(Ah shaddup and nuke the popcorn, willya - and git me anudder beah too wiseguy...!)
((Yep, I'm an oddball, and I'm OK with that too.))
Whats up! nice to meet everyone here!