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Hello everyone!

My Name is Mazzn - well, my real name is Matthias, but I rarely use it. Even in real life I'm usually called Mazzn, even by my own dad! That name has a stupid back story and was originally intended to be used to mock me, but I took it and wear it like a crown today!

I was born almost 20 years ago and lived my whole life in Germany.

I've been mashing buttons on my dad's Macintosh II for the first time when I was 6, "playing" Eight Ball Deluxe flipper. Actually learned how to play and got some high scores when I turned 8. Those were the times... NormalSmile

Rather sad childhood bla bla incoming... Don't read if you don't care. I understand that!

When I was 10 years old my parents broke up, and I was (mentally and therefore physically) sick and couldn't go to school for a long time due to that. Almost 4 years. I would spend most of the time I was at home with the computer my dad and me built for me when I turned 11, literally learning by doing. Trial and error. I went to see several psychologists over the years, but nothing changed for a long time. When I started to get better (at the age of 13), I still spent most of my free time with computers. That interest never changed.

I taught myself some AutoIT when I was 14 (first time I had internet) and learned Delphi, Java, HTML, PHP, MySQL and C# in school for about 3 years.

I eventually stuck to C# and some HTML and PHP every now and then. I recently started a three-year-long apprenticeship/job training as IT Specialist, which will allow me to open an IT business in Germany once it's finished - I may do that at some point. We'll see what the future brings.

Now despite all that knowledge there's still a lot to learn, and by no means am I a professional. I'm merely a hobby developer enjoying the challenge of coding!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!
Now, how did I find this forum? Long story short: Google Wink2

I hope I can contribute to this forum in a positive way, and I also hope to get answers to questions I may ask in the future - but I don't doubt that.

Greetings from Germany,

One last thing: If there are any horrible errors in my spelling or grammar, feel free to tell me about it - I always try to improve my English to be able to communicate with people around the world.
Welcome to the forum! Glad to have another developer at TLF. You may be interested in trying some of our programming challenges. :)
Willkommen. Ich schreib von Frankfurt. :)

This is a great community, always something interesting to read or do.
Hi Mazzn, Welcome to Tech.Reboot.Pro Mate!

You sound as an awesome person and your storry sounds like mine! I started also exactly like you, but probably when I was 9 years old when I stuck to IT. Plus I had a car crash where I lost 30% of my memory and my online life. It was really hard but I can see you have been very strong mate to get here by yourself, I give you many props for that. Because I know how hard it is to learn by yourself.

But this is only the beginning because you are so young and you have the whole world infront of you. I wish you all the best and you should know this place is one of the forums that you would really like and learn from. And I am pretty sure we have a lot to learn from you as well.

I agree with @Nuno Brito! This is trully a great place and a great community.. I Feel at home on here when ever I am on here.....

Enjoy your stay
Welcome to TLF! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM me!

I can kind of relate to your back-story, my parent's have been separated since I was 12. But I was depressed for other reasosn
Welcome to Tech.Reboot
We will be here to help.