Full Version: Guitar Talent and Creativity
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This guys got some skill:

I can play some basic chords on my guitar, does that count, too?
That was quite impressive. And Mazzn, I think it will take a bit more than a few chords to get to that level.
I've been playing guitar for 10 years now, and that ^ is nothing (first video), I just enjoyed his style and the emotion he put into his guitar, for another great guitarist that knows how to put emotion into his guitar lookup Marcus Lavendell on Youtube. If you want to see a REALLY talented guitarist though, I've kept tabs on this guy for quite a while now to practice some of his lessons posted around:

This guy is truly gifted!... Muris Varajic:

He's also a guitar instructor. For those crazy enough to try a lesson from him, I'd like to see anyone play this: