Full Version: TLF Staff Addition: Mazzn (Admin)
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For those that still frequent the site, We've added Mazzn to the Admin team. He's been around through both high and low times. Hopefully adding another active member to the team will help spark some life into TLF.

Mazzn is a full admin with equal distribution of power among the three of us. Congrats Mazzn and thanks for all that you do.
woohoo! welcome aboard bruh, I'm still waiting for that unicorn costume picture of yours....
Thank you so much for your trust and kind words!

I've said it before: I'll do my best to help TLF become what it used to be, a place where people meet to talk about programming and tech :)

Sincerity grateful for your support
Welcome Mazzn, hope you will still be with us when we sail the TLF ship back upstream ;)