Full Version: Show off your gear!
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It doesn't matter what game! even your pieces of chess I really don't care anymore, show us the goods! the one with the best gear in their respective game win this one of a kind amazing exercise machine

Because we all know you're too lazy to go to the gym you fat cu...oh sorry let's begin then!
Assetto Corsa handbrake (I'm serious)

Oh poop, show us the rest of your setup this looks cool!
Here's one I wish I had:

So much workspace :)
New setup with a plunger and teensy (arduino clone) based handbrake.

[Image: 0nGacGB.jpg]
(02-14-2016, 05:01 AM)Mazzn Wrote: [ -> ]New setup with a plunger and teensy (arduino clone) based handbrake.

[Image: 0nGacGB.jpg]

Can you take-off in that thing too? Lol!

Amazing Setup Mazzn!

Ultra wide displays are becoming more and more affordable.
I think it's much more convenient
In case you wanna go crazy though..
I'd get the dual monitor setup still:
Two Dell UltraSharp U2415 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitors
One Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand (5TPP7)
Thanks, I'm very happy with my setup! Been building it for around three years now. Used to have a 4k 32" in the middle for a while, but it makes triple screen gaming basically impossible or at least very awkward (especially using my slightly dated GTX670 - if only I had the money for a Titan, GTX980 or something...)

I miss 4k gaming but I can't have it all, can I? An ultrawide screen would be awesome as well but I'll stick with what I have. Don't have enough time for gaming to upgrade my gear at this point, it's just not worth it.

Loved my 3x24" setup the moment I went back to it and now use the 32" to watch movies in bed using either my Raspberry Pi or laptop - not 4k, but 1080p is just fine for that :)

@Ace: No, can't take off. Unless you count the slightly over-the-top Flight Simulator setup :P
So, with the new job paying well and some crazy luck on a sale I could grab a GTX1080 for less than a GTX1070 usually costs. When the HTC Vive was on black Friday sale I told myself that it's a bad idea for several hours, but I still got it. And now, looking back, I don't regret it at all. Best early Christmas present I could've bought for myself!

Everything is so HUGE in VR, it's crazy. From spaceships in Elite Dangerous to blocks in Minecraft. You cannot experience that in front of a screen, no matter how big that screen may be. If you can't afford it - and let's be real, few people can - head out to a store or event that has a Vive or Rift and try it out. You'll see the gaming world with new eyes and better start saving money for the next generation of VR devices ;)