Full Version: RAW TCP Client Program
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One of my latest end products, is a client program that helps me troubleshoot communication with devices over IP, as well as allows me to connect to Crestron processors more easily than using a program like PuTTy to the open ports. It's basically like a RAW TCP client with some colorizations that were made specific for highlighting feedback from Crestron devices, but it also has certain flags to enable hexadecimal output for non-printable and control characters. I can also send characters in hex format (\x??) or in C-style format (\r, \n, \t). Any tool like this has helped make my job easier to do. :)

I've also just finished creating a scriptable interface for this program so I can automate sending and receiving stuff. I could get it to resolve hostnames, but it wasn't a requirement for the main reason(s) I needed/wanted a program like this.
What's the function of the cmd prompt? Haha, it's not part of the demo is it?
It's just to show that the IP was for :). I connected to google over port 80/HTTP, and sent a basic GET request.