Full Version: New IRC Chat server: IRCFTW
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Hey guys, with VoltIRC going down our good pal Louis has helped (he basically did everything) set up a new server. We used to have a decent user base at Volt and I'd like to see it continue on to this new server. Unlike VoltIRC this is 100% managed by us (Louis :P). So we shouldn't see much if ANY downtime.

Come check it out:

Until we get more TLF specific users we can use the #programming channel.
Server info:
Channel: #programming

Other server endpoints:
I do ALL the things! Just need to get a website that doesn't look terrible going and we're set.

Edit: The (not yet done) website is at
Looks good, the web client is actually pretty cool looking :)
I think Louis broke it, again. xD
(02-09-2017, 04:01 PM)DDAoN Wrote: [ -> ]I think Louis broke it, again. xD

It's not broken; was in the middle of setting up a network link. Now there are a couple thousand users. (depending on time of day, of course)