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TLF Gamers - Predator - 10-20-2012

Group Name: TLF Gamers

General Information
  • Group Image:

  • Group Mission: This is a group mainly for the members of TLF who enjoy gaming.

  • Membership Requirements:
    100 Posts
    At least 2 High Quality gaming threads.
    No Warning Level
    Must be an active gamer on at least 1 platform.


[color=#004b91][b]Experience for group:[/b][/color]
[color=#004b91][b]What Contribution(s) Can You Bring to the Group?[/b][/color]
[color=#004b91][b]2 HQ Gaming Threads?[/b][/color]
[color=#004b91][b]Anything Else?[/b][/color]

User Memberlist:
Group FAQ:

Q. What is expected of me when I join this group?

A. Activity, you are required to make at least 2 quality gaming related threads a month, or be active in community play events. You are also expected to be a quality user in all other areas of the forum, and using proper grammar and spelling is a must. I don't expect everything to be perfect but please at least use decent grammar.

Q. Can I host an event for (x)

A. Sure. Just make a thread inviting people to play!


RE: TLF Gamers - Predator - 03-21-2013

Gamers leadership given completely to Ghoster. If he doesn't reply/declines leadership will be for ace/KoBE to decide.

RE: TLF Gamers - Sam Baker - 10-16-2015


I would like to ask KoBE or Ace to revive the gamers user group and to appoint one of the mods to be it's leader.

RE: TLF Gamers - KoBE - 10-16-2015

With the forum in it's current state of activity, you'd be hard pressed to try and revive this group. However, I've made you leader.. do with it as you wish. :D

RE: TLF Gamers - Sam Baker - 10-24-2015

God damn what a heavy burden! I will see what I can do then lol