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She's Alive! - Predator - 09-01-2014

I've got a Toshiba Satellite laptop, had NO IDEA what I was doing, but got a copy of Mavericks and just started doing whatever to make it work. Didn't really want to look up tutorials and just wanted to figure it out myself. Wasn't trying to dual-boot initially but it worked out that way which is cool. Anyways, I've got everything working except for my webcam (Which I dont care about) and my graphics QE/CI . My Intel 4500MHD was never fully supported so I'm running on like 10% of it's graphics capabilities lol. Had to buy a usb wifi dongle because my ethernet/wifi cards weren't supported.


Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1 GHz
250 gig HDD
1366 x 768 resolution. (Was kind of a pain to get working but finally got it)
3 gigs of Ram.

So not the best setup for Mavericks, at all. But it was a great experience and it's fun to play around with.

Up next? Making it a tri-boot with Linux. Woo

RE: She's Alive! - Florin - 09-01-2014

How did you installed OS X ? Nice hackintosh :D

RE: She's Alive! - Predator - 09-02-2014

Used about 4 different programs and dozens of different ways to burn the image to the flash drive to get it to read. Funny thing was, once the drive had the image burnt, since it was the Mac filesystem, my PCs wouldn't even recognize the drive or let me wipe it. I had to use my Xbox to configure the drive for Xbox, then my PC could detect it and format it, then I could try again lol.

After getting the image to successfully mount and be read by my BIOS, it was simple to install. I already had a Linux partition so I just over-wrote that and I didn't have any issues with the MBR. Had to play around with some of the boot flags to get it to work, but it wasn't too hard. Afterwards it was just finding kexts (Drivers) for the little bit of my hardware that was supported.

I joke around about it using 10% of my integrated graphics processor, but it's true. No QE/CI . Safari has horrible tearing issues, and some of the animations of the OS are super horrible. Chrome however doesn't seem to have any tearing issues and I can watch videos fine as long as it isn't fullscreen.

RE: She's Alive! - Nuno Brito - 09-02-2014

Nice report.

Actually last week I went on the opposite direction.. Laugh

A friend of mine gave me an old Mac (desktop version) with OSX 10.4 which was slow as heck and no modern software would run. The computer has a very pretty hardware and for some months I've used it for skype (too slow, too buggy for web).

Last week decided to format and install Ubuntu. Gave a complete new life for the old machine. Now I'm using for playing videos, running skype and running other software as needed.

With Ubuntu on Mac most things work ok. I've disabled the Unity desktop to run XFCE which is just about like Windows. Then installed the most recent version of Wine to enable installing Microsoft Office 2007 over it. So, basically recycled the machine for common tasks.

Before this I tried just like you to install Maverick. But for me was just too difficult to get the USB stick ready. Happy to read that you got it working. Both Thumbs Up

RE: She's Alive! - Predator - 09-02-2014

Yeah. Burning to USB was a huge pain. Thank god I didn't use the non-rewritable DVDs I have sitting around, that'd of been a huge waste of money.

I actually kind of like the Mac operating system for web browsing and just "whatever" stuff. If I had $2000 to throw away I'd totally get a Macbook Pro for school. But I still like the low cost of non-apple machines.

RE: She's Alive! - AceInfinity - 09-02-2014

You don't "burn" to a USB lol. :)

RE: She's Alive! - Florin - 09-03-2014

You "dd" it! :D

RE: She's Alive! - Mazzn - 09-03-2014

You can however burn your USB ;)

Back to topic - I've wanted to do a Hackintosh - really like OSX, and my hardware would be fine as far as I know. But I never had a double layer DVD to burn the image to - totally forgot USB sticks could work for this. I just might give it a shot again! Hehe.

Sometimes you miss the most obvious things...

RE: She's Alive! - Predator - 09-04-2014


Same thing 3:

In the end I was ready to burn both the USB and the laptop.