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WHATSUP!!!! From the Zultra! - Zultralord - 01-03-2016

lol, hey everyone I'm zultralord. I juse joined up because someine just informed me that this awesome place existed. I will add more soon to this (I've been up all night coding) as soon as I get more biological life force to continue my quest to developing skynet. In the mean time please message me or reply here so I can start to meet you guys. I've always wanted to be a part of a forum before and I think i finally found one that I'm going to really like. So hi! and goidnight! Lol

RE: WHATSUP!!!! From the Zultra! - AceInfinity - 01-03-2016

Welcome to the forum Zultralord, good to see you here :). As I mentioned before if you're interested in learning about C or C++ I have posted a few snippets of code and some informative posts in that section of the forum.


RE: WHATSUP!!!! From the Zultra! - Zultralord - 01-05-2016

Sweet! Thanks a ton man! I just logged back on and plan on executing my will on the forums muahahah

RE: WHATSUP!!!! From the Zultra! - Sam Baker - 01-16-2016

Welcome aboard champ! :)
I am sure you will love it here.