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OC speed only posts in BIOS not WINDOWS - Cratorsealoe1001 - 02-17-2017

So on my main rig, I have a asus striker extreme motherboard OC'd to 3.95ghz, a nvidia 9800 gtx+ graphics card, 1tb seagate hard drive, about 7 120mm fans, one asus supremefx sound card, one q6600 quad core 2.67ghz CPU. My problem? My Overclocked speed isn't showing up on any task manager or any program that I try to use, and trust me, I'm pretty good with computers, in fact I just got it out of the shop today and the people that I paid $80 couldn't even figure out why its not posting my overclocked speed in windows and only in BIOS. Do any of yall know a work around or something?

RE: OC speed only posts in BIOS not WINDOWS - Mazzn - 02-20-2017

I have no experience with overclocking pre-Ivy Bridge, which can be done quite easily.

My recommendation is using a Linux live system from CD or USB and see if that shows the overclocked speed.
Try running SliTaz for example (35mb mini Linux), open the terminal and type
cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "MHz"

If it says around 2670Mhz you might have to double check some settings in the BIOS - maybe there's a setting you have overlooked, or your overclock is unstable and it reverts to default speed? You could try and set it to just 2.8GHz for now and see if that works.

RE: OC speed only posts in BIOS not WINDOWS - ChunChi - 04-20-2017

Hello Cratorsealoe, Sorry to say, I have no idea regarding your problem if computer shop can't be figured out your solution. I think you can claim to Asus for warranty.