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Greetings from ChunChi - ChunChi - 04-20-2017

Hello everyone, I am ChunChi from Berlin, Germany. I am new here on this forum. I might want to present myself and my work. I am a visual originator situated in Berlin, Germany. I as of late moved on from my MFA contemplates and have a couple of years of involvement with different undertakings. 
I might want to get into mold/way of life ventures sooner rather than later so as a begin I say howdy here.
Many Thanks.

RE: Greetings from ChunChi - Sam Baker - 07-03-2017

Sup dude, TLF is great. but sadly its a bit dead these days

RE: Greetings from ChunChi - AceInfinity - 07-04-2017

Welcome to TLF friend :). Hope you find some useful information here.