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Favorite IDE for C++ Development? - AceInfinity - 06-06-2017

Just posting this to see what the favorite IDE's are for those C++ developers out there. :)

Here's just a few of the ones I've used over the years:

- KDevelop
- Visual Studio
- CodeBlocks
- CLion

And less IDE-like but close enough with plugins and other modifications, a few of the text editors I've used:

- Vim
- SublimeText

Haven't really used Notepad++ much at all for this kind of stuff.

RE: Favorite IDE for C++ Development? - Mazzn - 06-09-2017

I use Visual Studio Community in it's latest version whenever it comes out, but I don't do much C++ overall :P Rarely for practice and for the Arduino, which then happens with the simple Arduino IDE. (That reminds me, I have an Arduino project I wanted to post about a long while back, dang! Will need to do that)

Have used CodeBlocks in school for a while, but I've "grown up" using VS and ended up sticking to what I already knew.

I'm actually a big fan of Notepad++ and use it on Windows for everything that's raw text. For Linux shells I stick to nano... Keeping it simple because I'm always cursing when Vim opens up and I don't even remember how to exit it.

RE: Favorite IDE for C++ Development? - AceInfinity - 06-18-2017

I got used to all the vim commands so it's not as bad as it used to be. I've heard a few people liking nano though, and it was posted on this forum a while back by Louis I think.

Visual Studio on Windows for large scale projects is probably the best option though, and will be for a long time.