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How did you find TechLifeForum?

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RE: How did you find TechLifeForum?
Your boss doesn't think VB.Net is different than say something like VB6? I hope that's not true.

I'm glad you stumbled upon TLF though. Please post any questions you may have.

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RE: How did you find TechLifeForum?
(02-26-2014, 09:48 AM)wazzi Wrote:  My boss insists that Visual Basic is Visual Basic and not much has changed in .NET. While we are writing in .net, we are not using classes and objects which IMO would make the software better.

You're boss is entirely wrong. Lots has changed in .NET between all languages... LINQ, dynamic, new wrappers, async, TPL, streams... I don't think your boss has been programming .NET since v1.1, or maybe even pre-3.0/3.5. Classes are a great way to encapsulate and group data for better management, better readability, and overall better structure.

My suggestion would be that he should do some more research and become more open minded to the way .NET has evolved over the years. MSDN articles can tell you the whole story if you look through their archives...
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