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Steganography (hide messages in plain sight)

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Steganography (hide messages in plain sight)
With all tһese сryptіng chаllеnges Ьеing tоѕѕed аrоund, Ι figureԁ it wаѕ time tо intrоduсe ѕоⅿething I finԁ рretty interеѕting. A lot оf you ⅿay һаνе һeаrd of stеgоnоgrарhy. Ρut ѕimрly it's һіdіng ѕeсrеt ⅿessagеѕ іn plаin sіgһt. I һаve hіdԁen a ⅿеsѕаgе ѡitһin tһis νеry tехt. Can yоu ԁесоԁe іt? Wіthоut a comрuter it wоulԁ Ьe іⅿpoѕsiЬlе. Τhаt's becauѕе the сһarасtеrѕ і'νe used аrе not аll thе stanԁаrd ΑЅCΙΙ сoԁеs yоu ѡould normally see. Specific ones have been changed in order for the person decoding this message will know what the actual message is. I have written a program that can encode/decode messages. I will release the source later today so you all can check it out.

Here are some links to check out in the mean time (note, you will most likely not be able to decode this message using these links. My method is different from the these.)


[spoiler=This is what the text says]
This is a pretty slick way to hide messages don't you think?

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RE: Steganography (hide messages in plain sight)
How do you get that message from your original text?

(Might want to [spoiler.] it)

Ooohhh! I got one!

here it is

PHP Code:

(not really php just used that tag so you can use "Select all"
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