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Potential iPad ban in China

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Potential iPad ban in China
Looks like Apple has their hands full again with legal issues over the iPad.

According to CNET, a company named Proview International Holdings claims to own the iPad rights in China. Apple feels that they own it because they acquired the iPad name from a subsidiary of Proview in the UK back in 2006.

CNET Wrote:The original legal fracas began shortly after the iPad was introduced. In 2010, Apple took aim at Proview for infringing its trademark of the iPad name. Proview countered by saying it registered for the trademark in several countries with filings dating back to 2000, and that when Apple acquired the name from United Kingdom-based IP Application Development in 2006, Proview never actually signed off on the deal, since it was made by one of the company's subsidiaries.

Apple appears to have started this war by first taking action against Proview. Looks like David is not backing down from Goliath...

You can read more on this story here: (Source)
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