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How to Prevent Malware

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How to Prevent Malware
How to Prevent Malware by Deltron

Though there is no 100% method of avoiding malware from accessing your computer, there are many things you can do to help prevent it.

1. Realize the harm that can be done.

Be sure to realize what is on your computer, and what harm can be done if it is exploited. This may include personal information such as: passwords to various sites, your bank account, e-mails, etc. Although the internet is a great tool to have access to, do not trust unsafe and harmful websites and downloads. My mindset is. "If I don't know why, who, and what I am receiving, don't download it." Viruses could be included in e-mail attachments, online downloads, and even flash drives. If you are unsure of something, ask here or look it up on Google. All in all, be very cautious of your activities, and use common sense.

2. Utilize an updated anti-virus program with frequent system scans.

"An antivirus (or anti-virus) software is used to prevent, detect, and remove malware, including computer viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. Such programs may also prevent and remove adware, spyware, and other forms of malware".

Be sure you have an anti-virus running. This is one of the most crucial and effective ways to help keep your system running efficiently. I am not going into debate on which program to use, but be sure that it is reliable and safe. Ever so often, run a full system scan of your computer, and make sure that the program is updated. In doing so, your anti-virus will have updated definitions to help prevent new forms of malware that are released.

Some reputable anti-virus programs that I would recommend:

Avast!: http://www.avast.com/index
Avira: http://www.avira.com/
Norton: http://www.symantec.com/index.jsp
Kaspersky: http://usa.kaspersky.com/
Eset: http://www.eset.com/
BitDefender: http://www.bitdefender.com/site/Downloads/

3. Make sure you have an effective firewall.

Firewalls are often times overlooked. Many think that the pre-installed firewall on your operating system will do the job, in which most cases it will, but it won't always be in protection. A great firewall that will closely monitor your inbound and outbound connections of your computer is Comodo Firewall. This program will block unauthorized access to any unknown connections, while permitting authorized communications.

Other firewall options:

ESET Smart Security: http://www.eset.com/home/smart-security
ZoneAlarm Firewall: http://www.zonealarm.com/
Windows Firewall: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using...intro.mspx

4. Use a reliable, safe, and reputable web browser.

Where most users spend their time on the computer is browsing the web. In doing so, there are many opportunities to become infected if not careful. Although there are many, these are some of the most safe web browsers. Whichever you choose to use, make sure that it is reputable and backed up by numerous positive reviews. I suggest that you use safe and trusted web browsers, included are some:

Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer.
  • Be sure that your web browser is also up-to-par with updates, as this can also prevent any exploits that may be present.
  • Also, set your internet browser so that you are notified whenever a program attempts to download a file.
  • Disable cookies. Although they are good sometimes, cookies can be used to track you down in the future. Turn them off to be safe.

5. Keep all of your programs updated.

Keeping all of your programs up-to-par will ultimately keep you safer from infection. Malware creators are always looking for vulnerabilities and exploits in programs. Updating these regularly could prevent that, keeping your system free of any viruses:

6. Other programs that will help you keep safe.
  • CCleaner - CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download.
  • HijackThis - Scan your computer to find settings changed by spyware, malware or other unwanted programs. Trend Micro HijackThis generates an in-depth report to enable you to analyze and fix your infected computer. You can even provide your logs here on Support Forums so trained professionals can analyze it. Visit the Virus Protection, Removals, and HJT Team section.
  • Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware - Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware can detect and remove malware that even the most well known anti-virus and anti-malware applications fail to detect. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware monitors every process and stops malicious processes before they even start. Run it's full search, and it will most likely pick up any signs of form of malware and remove it. Great tool that everyone should have.
  • Sandboxie - Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated space which prevents them from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer. All malicious files are trapped in the sandbox if downloaded in it, and can not spread to your computer.
  • SpywareBlaster - Spywareblaster prevents the installation of ActiveX-based spyware and other potentially unwanted programs. SpywareBlaster can help keep your system secure, without interfering with the "good side" of the web. And unlike other programs, SpywareBlaster does not have to remain running in the background. It works alongside the programs you have to help secure your system.

Online File Scanners are used to determine whether a file on your computer is malicious or not. These are great tools, and very effective, if you are not willing to download any further software:

Virus Total - http://www.virustotal.com/
Jotti's Malware Scan - http://virusscan.jotti.org/en
NoVirusScan - http://vscan.novirusthanks.org/
VirSCAN - http://virscan.org/
VirusCheif - http://www.viruschief.com/

If you have any further queries, please feel free to post below. I will be continuing to add to this, so if you would like to suggest a topic or program, I would be more than glad to add it.

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RE: How to Prevent Malware
Great thread
Rated 5 stars
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RE: How to Prevent Malware
Wow deltron, good clean and easy to follow layout, but very informative, i'm going to sticky this. It looks very nice. :)

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RE: How to Prevent Malware
Looks good, maybe blue would be better than the pink for titles :3

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RE: How to Prevent Malware
Thanks for the comments.

I guess blue would be a more suitable color. This was originally created on a forum with a darker background.

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RE: How to Prevent Malware
I would recommend the firewall "Online Armor" where you can get both a free version and a paid version. In the leak tests i have seen it scores 100% and has great usabillity :)
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RE: How to Prevent Malware
(06-12-2011, 04:58 PM)bobolobo Wrote:  I would recommend the firewall "Online Armor" where you can get both a free version and a paid version. In the leak tests i have seen it scores 100% and has great usabillity :)

I agree with this statement. ZoneAlarm is actually one program I will not recommend, since the latest tests that were performed gave poor results. That came from its paid version, mind you. Outpost Security Suite Free or even Malware Defender should be there instead of ESET Smart Security, seeing as it is a paid one and also has poor results.
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RE: How to Prevent Malware
Yeah and the most people need to have a seperate firewall as they perform alot better :b
If it was a joke... would it be funny?

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