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Responsibilities of a Staff member or Moderator

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Responsibilities of a Staff member or Moderator
I'm posting this thread for Staff member, and Moderator reference, for whenever we decide to create more in the future. This is just an informational thread, and is by no means an application area.

Staff Member/Moderator Guidelines:

1) Respect must be shown to all members
2) Decisions taken must be non-biased and fair
3) You are not to abuse your permissions or they will be removed immediately
4) Quality posting, and good grammar is appreciated, and encouraged to promote our forum to members as a professional community
5) You may not use member information to any unsolicited extent
6) Do not abuse your reputation abilities, and don't expect others to rep you because of your status on the forum

Note: Remember that Post count and Reputation is not a determining factor of member superiority over another, or any other member for that matter.

Please remember these as they should be a part of your daily routine and mindset for being a forum Staff member, or Moderator.

The administration itself is also keeping these in mind, so it's only fair that the other higher ranking forum members in comparison to the regular users should put these guidelines into practice as well.
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RE: Responsibilities of a Staff member or Moderator
Also you should note, that if anybody thinks a Mod is out of line then they should PM me immediately. If I am acting out of line PM Ace. :D I think the quality of membership here is outstanding. I don't see many problems coming of this.

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