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Problem with metadata transfer to my IPad

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Problem with metadata transfer to my IPad
I have spent the past 2 months tweaking my ebooks (1500) in the Calibre program, converting them all to epubs and meticulously changing the book titles and authors to appear just the way I like them. When I finally began to transfer them to Stanza on my iPad (using the direct transfer of the ePub files themselves on the app synch page direct transfer option). I discovered that the metadata was back to the original way it was before I made all of my changes in Calibre. So I am assuming that the metadata changes were
reflected only in the separate metadata file. I tried to transfer both the ePub and metadata file for one of my books with the same results. Pleas help me find a way to get my books on my iPad reflecting the changes I made. I don't mind changing the ebook reader on my iPad to ibooks or any other reader. Thanks for you help in advance.

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