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[Update] Visual Basic School - FAQ

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Visual Basic School - FAQ
Here's just a basic FAQ about some possible questions you may have throughout this course:
  • 1. Why does the code have to be in images?
    • The reasoning here is actually for your own good. Now you don't have the temptation to simply copy out the code from the code tag and paste it into your project. The more you get used to having to type this out on your own, that is repetition, and a valuable asset in learning a programming language. If you aren't in the course to learn, then you are probably doing this for the wrong reasons as in comparison to what this course was designed for.

    2. Do I qualify to become a teacher?
    • Right now all teachers of the course and assistants are chosen by the administrators with their knowledge of the Visual Basic.NET language, this may change in the future once we know we have a few other members who are capable of being a teacher. Teacher responsibilities and requirements include that of good grammar, explanation skills, respect and patience with and to others.

    3. What decides when I get the VB School Award?
    • When you have successfully completed and show an understanding of the full range of information available in this course you will be granted the award immediately.

    4. What if I want to quit the course?
    • Be informed that this is unfair to those who still have to wait for an entering spot in the course, but if you choose to quit the course you may or may not be able to get back into the course, and if you do happen to re-gain entry you will have to start the course from the beginning again, no exceptions.

    5. How many people will be in this school at the same time?
    • This purely depends on the demand for people wanting involvement in this course and also how many teachers are currently available at that time. I would estimate around 2 or 3 students per teacher, however, some teachers may want to take on more than this number of students or less, depending on what their priorities allow for time, and their personal limitations in regards to how many people they can handle teaching at once.

    6. Can I get help from another member or members on the forum with VB School related help/projects?
    • You may, but not directly through PM, they must be posted on the forum so that other teachers can see that you are requesting help, it's up to you whether or not to take someone else's advice if they are not a current VB School teacher, however my recommendation is that you trust in the VB School teacher's response more than just a random member's. If they post a reply dealing with anything that you were advised not to do by a teacher, then it's recommended that you stick with the teacher's word about it, and you should probably not take this person's advice without further insight. If you take a member's advice and go back to the school with whatever code or method they recommend and a teacher says it's wrong or poor, then the decision should be remembered, as word of mouth from your teacher takes precedence, unless proved wrong by another. Always trust your teacher.

    7. How do I sign up?
    • There will be a dedicated forum for signup's which will close and open depending on whether spots for students are available or not, keep on the lookout if you want to get in.

    8. What if I'm inactive for a long period of time?
    • If you show a period of inactivity from your response to your teachers in the VB school of 2 weeks or longer (14 days) you will be booted from the school, and re-entry may be denied. If you are given the chance to re-enter, you will have to start from the beginning of the course again.
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