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[JavaScript][Bookmarklet] Text To Rainbow

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05-04-2012, 05:39 PM #1
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[JavaScript][Bookmarklet] Text To Rainbow
I was bored and I seem to do very random things when I get bored... I created this for no reason at all.
What it does, is take HTML elements and converts all the text in them to rainbow colors. Current the elements are 'span', 'div', 'p', and 'pre'. Because of the way it loops and appends content after the DOM is loaded, it can be laggy if you use it on a page with too much content. Try using the example here: http://fb.ltdev.im/examples/rainbow.html -- You can also get the uncompressed version.

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RE: [JavaScript][Bookmarklet] Text To Rainbow
That's awesome, maybe not entirely useful but I create lots of just "fun" stuff like this too. Bookmarklets are awesome, unfortunately if I can remember correctly IE doesn't allow you to use them, which is why I use Chrome or Firefox instead at least lol

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RE: [JavaScript][Bookmarklet] Text To Rainbow
I haven't used IE in years, so I have no idea what it supports and does not.. Good to know, anyway.

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