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Help needed for RuCTFE 2012 CTF

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Help needed for RuCTFE 2012 CTF

Team Reboot needs your help. RuCTFE 2012 is knocking at the door. But, unlike other CTFs, this is a VPN based one. To participate in this CTF, we need to have an OpenVPN server set up and running. All the CTF traffic towards our team will be redirected via that server. Till now, we could not arrange for an Internet system reachable at a public IP which will be up for the entire tenure of the CTF. Earlier we used to use a free VPs, but that free-scheme is no longer there. Unless we can arrange for it, we won't be able to participate in RuCTFE and eventually in RWTH CTF also. Hoping some member out here will be kind enough to help us by allowing us to use his/her server/VPS for the CTF, I am posting here on behalf of entire Team Reboot. Please let us know if anyone has any solution to our problem. Feel free to ask for any clarification.

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