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Google: No, we did not kill a donkey in Botswana

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Google: No, we did not kill a donkey in Botswana
Another funny named article.. :D

Quote:Google faces regular challenges as it maps the globe, from privacy lawsuits in Germany to the technical difficulties of mapping underwater. To that list of woes we may now add another: People think it killed a donkey in Botswana.

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-5756429...-botswana/
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RE: Google: No, we did not kill a donkey in Botswana
Haha, by that logic I suppose crime scene investigators that document the scene with pictures did the crimes they are trying to solve too? Thumbs Up

"Well.. You were there when you took these pictures! Who else did it?" Laugh
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RE: Google: No, we did not kill a donkey in Botswana
Really? Oh my gosh! RollEyes This is too funny!
Speaking of funny, I once played on Google maps a bit and used street view to go from my house to my friend's house, just to find out that google maps didn't update the street view in at least 6 months. How I know: my very own bike was 'parked' in front of my friend's house, same bike that I ruined at least 6 months ago (nasty fall) and haven't used since.

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