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An interesting ... virus

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01-28-2013, 07:26 AM #11
Nuno Brito
Team Reboot
Team Reboot
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RE: An interesting ... virus
Bitcoin mining is indeed a popular use for zombie computers when there is nothing else that can be explored from the machine (other interesting resources: personal photographs, password details of email/accounts over the internet, autosurfing and remote install of software).

I believe that Louis and Predator both have reason in the raised arguments. Bitcoins are a popular currency on the darker sides of the net and this is a strong fact, albeit one can of course use them for other purposes.

If you ever tried mining them by yourself, you would quickly note that a big server at your home/office can only produce a very tiny portion of currency. This is something best explored on massive scale across a botnet where it is simple to put thousands of machines to work at no cost to your side.

It is possible to convert bitcoins to real-world money. As always, an unfair rate is charged and the real money you get in your hands might have been acquired in a not so clean manner as well. There are reasons why some people prefer to exchange their real-world money into a virtual currency, and some of these reasons are not innocent nor good to your health.
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