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Ubuntu Spyware

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02-05-2013, 06:33 AM #1
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Ubuntu Spyware
An interesting article written by Richard Stallman about some things done by Canonical, which, in his opinion, places Ubuntu in the spyware category.

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Nuno Brito
Team Reboot
Team Reboot
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RE: Ubuntu Spyware
Strong wording but I kind of agree. Ubuntu is leaving much to desire in recent years.

Didn't knew about the advice from Stallman about not recommending Ubuntu but this is something that I already engaged in doing, I don't really agree with the current direction and I'm just disappointed that no better days seem ahead: http://nunobrito1981.blogspot.de/2013/01...buntu.html

Oh well.
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RE: Ubuntu Spyware
Ubuntu is yet another demonstration about how the power of marketing can transform a poor quality product in a success.
I tried Ubuntu for a week and didn't liked it at all. I was amazed how someone can take a fast, capable and stable distribution like Debian and transorm it in a buggy monstruosity. And have commercial success, exclusively based on marketing tricks and not on the product quality.

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RE: Ubuntu Spyware
It's alright I suppose for a beginner Linux user, because it's easy switchover from Windows, which is probably what most users are familiar with... Although, I would recommend Mint over Ubuntu anyday. Yes, most distributions were built off Ubuntu, but they were improved along the way. Ubuntu is a junky bulky monster as far as I'm concerned.

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