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Want to learn Joomla and Have a Joomla website similar to Atlantic.net

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Want to learn Joomla and Have a Joomla website similar to Atlantic.net
Hello dear members,
I hope you guys are well. I can't give much time to this wonderful forum as I am very busy with my office work. Ah man! office work can really kill the employees!

Coming to the point, I am pretty comfortable with Wordpress and I have done some modification in CSS though I am not a CMS developer. I can only modify something or install plugins/extensions but can't create anything. I know, it is bad but I am not efficient enough to make things. Now, my boss who is basically a web designer wants me to learn joomla as our corporate website is similar to Atlantic.net and we are providing web hosting solutions regionally. He asked me this: 

Quote:Start look in to Joomla. I will give you access on our regional sites and ourwebsite.com (can't tell here  ) site. We need to update our sites regularly. i will assign you few tasks day after tomorrow. Joomla is very simple, as you have already worked on the word press CMS site so it will not take too much time to learn Joomla. If you need any help feel free to ask me.

Now I am frustrated. I have been working here for eight months and so far I have excellent work record. My bosses are pleased with my work activity and this boss wants me to do his job as well as mine! So, I was wondering if there is any video tutorial to learn joomla and all in quick. Remember, out site looks like Atlantic.net, we have used same colums that Atlantic.net is using on the left hand side. So please share me something by which I can update our website page and work with colums. Thanks
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RE: Want to learn Joomla and Have a Joomla website similar to Atlantic.net
The first place I would start is here:

If you're a visual learner, maybe this would help:

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RE: Want to learn Joomla and Have a Joomla website similar to Atlantic.net
Joomla is actually much easier than WordPress in my opinion. So you shouldn't have many issues. :)

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