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[Info] Easy - Run

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08-08-2013, 05:41 PM #1

Easy - Run
Ever wanted an app which manages your startup item. Well, guess what? i3c has one called Easy-Run and it's a new, shiny application capable of Adding, Deleting, Editing or Showing Information of the Windows Startup Items with a few clicks. So, say goodbye to all the mind emptying registry editors and bring Easy-Run to help you. Just select the app, click "Add" and let Easy-Run do all the "crazy" stuff for you. Ta-da.

Windows Startup Items are the applications/services starting when Windows boots up.

08-08-2013, 06:22 PM #2
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RE: Easy - Run
What's the advantage of using this instead of just using msconfig? I know a lot of non-advanced PC users might not know msconfig and find the application useful, but is there an advantage to someone like me?
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RE: Easy - Run
Hello predator
what you mean?? i don't think i can follow you
i only made this app for people that are not 'good' with accessing windows startup
i even have to access to register lol to add or remove it
so i think everybody can use this easily :)

maybe your way is harder and to be honest i never heard of msconfig like that before :)
but like i said i made easy - run of people that are not very good with accessing some things in windows.

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RE: Easy - Run

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