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Hi from Germany!

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Hi from Germany!
Hello everyone!

My Name is Mazzn - well, my real name is Matthias, but I rarely use it. Even in real life I'm usually called Mazzn, even by my own dad! That name has a stupid back story and was originally intended to be used to mock me, but I took it and wear it like a crown today!

I was born almost 20 years ago and lived my whole life in Germany.

I've been mashing buttons on my dad's Macintosh II for the first time when I was 6, "playing" Eight Ball Deluxe flipper. Actually learned how to play and got some high scores when I turned 8. Those were the times... NormalSmile

Rather sad childhood bla bla incoming... Don't read if you don't care. I understand that!

When I was 10 years old my parents broke up, and I was (mentally and therefore physically) sick and couldn't go to school for a long time due to that. Almost 4 years. I would spend most of the time I was at home with the computer my dad and me built for me when I turned 11, literally learning by doing. Trial and error. I went to see several psychologists over the years, but nothing changed for a long time. When I started to get better (at the age of 13), I still spent most of my free time with computers. That interest never changed.

I taught myself some AutoIT when I was 14 (first time I had internet) and learned Delphi, Java, HTML, PHP, MySQL and C# in school for about 3 years.

I eventually stuck to C# and some HTML and PHP every now and then. I recently started a three-year-long apprenticeship/job training as IT Specialist, which will allow me to open an IT business in Germany once it's finished - I may do that at some point. We'll see what the future brings.

Now despite all that knowledge there's still a lot to learn, and by no means am I a professional. I'm merely a hobby developer enjoying the challenge of coding!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!
Now, how did I find this forum? Long story short: Google Wink2

I hope I can contribute to this forum in a positive way, and I also hope to get answers to questions I may ask in the future - but I don't doubt that.

Greetings from Germany,

One last thing: If there are any horrible errors in my spelling or grammar, feel free to tell me about it - I always try to improve my English to be able to communicate with people around the world.

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RE: Hi from Germany!
Welcome to the forum! Glad to have another developer at TLF. You may be interested in trying some of our programming challenges. :)

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Nuno Brito
Team Reboot
Team Reboot
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RE: Hi from Germany!
Willkommen. Ich schreib von Frankfurt. :)

This is a great community, always something interesting to read or do.
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RE: Hi from Germany!
Hi Mazzn, Welcome to Tech.Reboot.Pro Mate!

You sound as an awesome person and your storry sounds like mine! I started also exactly like you, but probably when I was 9 years old when I stuck to IT. Plus I had a car crash where I lost 30% of my memory and my online life. It was really hard but I can see you have been very strong mate to get here by yourself, I give you many props for that. Because I know how hard it is to learn by yourself.

But this is only the beginning because you are so young and you have the whole world infront of you. I wish you all the best and you should know this place is one of the forums that you would really like and learn from. And I am pretty sure we have a lot to learn from you as well.

I agree with @Nuno Brito! This is trully a great place and a great community.. I Feel at home on here when ever I am on here.....

Enjoy your stay
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RE: Hi from Germany!
Welcome to TLF! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM me!

I can kind of relate to your back-story, my parent's have been separated since I was 12. But I was depressed for other reasosn

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RE: Hi from Germany!
Welcome to Tech.Reboot
We will be here to help.

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