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[Info] IE 11 User-Agent String?

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12-07-2013, 04:22 PM #1
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Information  IE 11 User-Agent String?
And Internet Explorer, as though it wasn't already difficult enough to work with for web development, has thrown a few other wrinkles at web developers it seems. I was fooling around with some PHP, and noticed that my old user agent checker doesn't work for IE 11. Why? Because it's now designed to disguise itself almost fully, as Mozilla Firefox. No more "MSIE".

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RE: IE 11 User-Agent String?
That seems really stupid in my opinion. I don't know why they would want to disguise their browser as another.

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RE: IE 11 User-Agent String?
I can imagine MS wants to make IE more popular, so they get around "you can't use IE to view this page" messages by doing this.

The average user won't have the idea to change browsers as long as it works; when you see a message saying "Hey, your browser is bad, get a different one or you can't look at this page", you're very likely to switch...

At least that's my explanation. Cool

PS: Wow, 25th post already? I thought I had like 5 or 6...
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