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Windows Phone Factory Reset Issue

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Windows Phone Factory Reset Issue
So, I was lucky enough to run into a problem today that I found out is pretty common among Windows Phone users. I have a Nokia 928, and when I went to do a factory reset on my phone... it basically stayed at a spinning gear stage for a couple about an hour. I thought this was unusual and decided to google the issue.

There were some people having success with running the battery down and then trying it again.. but I had a full battery at the time and wasn't looking forward to that. A little more searching and I stumbled on this great page: http://www.wpcentral.com/suffering-spinn...-phone-fix

Following the instructions on that site (and a 4 gig downlaod later!!!) I was able to update my phone and restore it back to normal. If anyone has this issue, I highly recommend giving this a shot.

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RE: Windows Phone Factory Reset Issue
Even luckier that you always keep you phone fully charged? Laugh

I'll keep note of this for the future. :)

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