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Mobile phone: Nokia Lumia with WP8 or Android

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Mobile phone: Nokia Lumia with WP8 or Android
So, what do you think it is better, a nokia wp8 phone or some same spec's android?Why?

Do you used both wp8 and android mobile phones?
How they run on low ram memory, and which one is easier to use?

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RE: Mobile phone: Nokia Lumia with WP8 or Android
Windows Phone 8 - way easier to use over an android.

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RE: Mobile phone: Nokia Lumia with WP8 or Android
I've had both and currently have a Nokia Lumia 928 (same as the 920 model).

From a ram / battery life standpoint, I'd say WP8 for sure. When developing for WP8 Microsoft actually forces the developer be conscious about the app lifecycle because once the app is inactive for a certain amount of time WP8 raises a flag and gives the developer a short amount of time to save whatever it needs before it kills it. It's a little more in-depth than that but you get the point. From what I can tell with Android, it's up to the user to make sure tasks that aren't being used anymore are killed.

I think WP8 is easier to use as well. Everything seems to be more standard than with Android. The way the developer SDK is set up, a lot of apps will use similar features which means less searching around for how to do things across multiple apps.

The app market for WP8 is slowly coming around. But, if that is something that's important to you, then you might want to factor that in. Android still has a pretty big app market compared to WP.

If I had to go back and decide on which phone to get, I'd take my Nokia Lumia all over again. I've seen and briefly played with a HTC phone that was WP8 and the Lumia was better by a pretty large margin. They seem to be the leader in the WP8 market at the moment.
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RE: Mobile phone: Nokia Lumia with WP8 or Android
Yeah, my brother bought a nokia lumia phone and now he's waiting for the 8.1 update. Nice, on android you can't get updates of newer versions on older phones That's a plus.

Any method to see ram usage in nokia lumia wp8 ?

EDIT: Or a nice file manager?
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RE: Mobile phone: Nokia Lumia with WP8 or Android
I had a Nokia 920 then I updated to a Nokia 1020, then put WP8.1 on the phone via the developer network.
Link is HERE on how to do it.
BTW WP8.1 has had 3 updates since its release.
Paul Thurrotts site has heaps of tip for WP 8.1 (http://www.Winsupersite.com)

There is a file manager app for WP 8.1, HERE is the article.

WP 8.1 has heaps more cool features than WP 7 that was on the 920. I always thought that the 920's features were ordinary, however the 1020 with 8.1 is really cool.

I have never owned an Android phone, but the wife loves her iPhone 5S. I have tried to help family with their Samsung Galaxy's but always found them a bit strange to navigate.

Feature that I use most frequently:
Action Centre
Reading list (That sync's to my Win 8.1 Laptop)
Storage Sense
Data Sense
Camera (Uses a lot of battery)
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