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11-05-2014, 03:10 PM #1
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I've got 2 500GB drives... A WD Blue, and a Black enterprise-grade drive.. I was considering running RAID-0 for a speed increase. Has anyone done this? Is it worth it?

I know that its a risk for data loss, but I'm not too concerned since anything important is always backed up, and I don't have too much I couldn't replace anyways..

My BIOS talks about sata 5 & 6, I guess that means I have to swap the drives sata cables to those ports for it to work? Or would I just be better to install windows fresh, partition it by itself, and then use Disk Management to do the RAID?

11-06-2014, 07:02 PM #2
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RE: Raid?
I have, once, but the HDDs weren't too fast in the first place, so I didn't feel any speed increase compared to my normal HDD.

All I can say is that using Windows Disk Management to set up a RAID0 is nice and easy, however I think/assume (but don't quote me on that) that running Windows off a RAID isn't possible without using an actual RAID controller, meaning you'll probably have to use your built-in BIOS tools if you want to run Windows off it. But Google for safety... It's 1am, just want to leave my thoughts before I fall asleep and forget about them ;)

Either way, if you don't want to install Windows on it then using the Windows Disk Management is very straightforward and simple. Convert all disks you want to use to "dynamic" via the right click menu, then use the same menu to create a new "striped volume". Windows will guide you through the process and you're good to go within a minute or two.

IMO, if you don't use the disks otherwise, just give it a go and see if you experience a noticeable increase of speed!
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RE: Raid?
Personally I don't use RAID. I do think it's a great idea, especially for companies, but for personal use it doesn't bother me - added partitions and external HDD's are suffice for me. I had to do an entire college assignment on RAID and the uses and different levels of it haha.

Good luck with what you choose to do, Predator. I personally wouldn't use RAID on a home PC so I can't be much help on this topic, sorry.

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Lee Stevens
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RE: Raid?
I think raid is fine for any environment as long as your using the correct Raid. We use it for a lot in the office. We have to keep Data for at least 7 years, but still being able to access it daily we have a number of nases raided.

11-10-2014, 03:19 PM #5
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RE: Raid?
My experience with RAID was been fairly straight-forward: waste of my personal time, excellent use of my professional time.

Working with as many HDDs as I did in the Marine Corps, RAID was great for getting things done quickly.

On my personal computer, not so much. Most of my HDDs are external, connecting through complex USB3/Firewire cabling. They each contain specific types of files/data and are mounted directly to \, regardless of if I boot to Windows or Linux. I tried using RAID with some of the drives I never disconnect, a few years back, and ran into complications when I did have to remove a drive.

Simply put, RAID, regardless of the configuration, registers all your HDDs as a single drive. In RAID 0, there's absolutely no parity or mirroring. Basically, there's no benefit to it short of freeing up some drive letters, which is easily doable through mounting drives as directories rather than separate file systems.

For personal use, I can't see any reason to use RAID 0, and little reason to use RAID period. I don't deny the parity and mirroring benefits of the other RAID levels, but who stores data on their HDDs that is THAT important? jmo
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