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[JavaScript] Simple IRC Bot

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[JavaScript] Simple IRC Bot
So I run a JavaScript IRC bot that people ask me about often. I've decided to write a (very) simple lib so others can do the same. It's available on GitHub at https://github.com/LouisT/SimpleIRCBot.

Using it is pretty simple, you after you download the source (and have Node.js installed), you can create a simple bots with a few lines of code. The actual bot lib is in "/libs/bot.js", "index.js" is an example of a parrot bot and more are available in "/examples/". Here is an example of how to just greet people:

var Bot = require('./libs/bot')(require('./config').irc).connect();

Bot.on('001',function () { // Bot connected.

Bot.on('433',function () { // Nick in use.

Bot.on('join',function (user,chan) { // The bot or another user has joined a channel.
    if (user[1] != this.irc.botnick) {
       this.say(chan,'Hello, $c04$b'+user[1]+'$c$b! This is just a dumb bot.');

Side note: Why is there no specific area for JavaScript awesomeness, KoBe!?

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RE: [JavaScript] Simple IRC Bot
thx bro for shar
many thx

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