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OneDrive REST API v1.0

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OneDrive REST API v1.0
So Microsoft had recently released a OneDrive REST API. This is great because now you can use OneDrive across many different devices and platforms, and it isn't limited to any specific language as long as you can communicate with the API over HTTPS (because this is the default), you have some knowledge of OAuth 2.0, and JSON for the request and response body. All else is covered on the API reference; HTTP verbs supported (along with verb tunneling to get around any possible restrictions, such as firewalls blocking certain HTTP verbs, etc...), REST resources, functionality, scopes, and more.

Here's a good video from //Build/ featuring an overview of the REST API:

And if you want a quick and easy way to test the API: https://apigee.com/console/onedrive

Here's a good starting point: https://dev.onedrive.com/README.htm
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