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Javascript-based Web Game - Untrusted

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09-08-2015, 01:35 AM #1
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Javascript-based Web Game - Untrusted
This is actually pretty fun: http://alexnisnevich.github.io/untrusted/

It's geared towards people who know a little about Vim, and Javascript of course.

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RE: Javascript-based Web Game - Untrusted
Played it whenever I had a few minutes spare time at work, an interesting and fun game!

Found myself not thinking outside the box (literally!) quite a bit, but eventually got through! I'm quite sure there's much more efficient ways to finish most levels compared to what I did, but I was very satisfied after each completed level.

The final level was very fun by forcing you to edit more than just the actual level. I'm not even sure if you could do that before or not, but it got me thinking!

Enjoyed it a lot, thank you for sharing Ace! :)
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