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How to become a Microsoft MVP ?

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How to become a Microsoft MVP ?
I was reading this : https://mvp.microsoft.com/en-us/faq

but I still don't get it Nominees are chosen from traditional and emerging community venues, including public forums, newsgroups, third-party Web sites, user groups, event speakers, Web boards, blogs, social media sites, and wikis.

I'am not sure what that means , I mean how they are going to find us in social media websites and public forums etc ...where do I have to contribute to become MVP ? and should I register to be selected ? or they choose us simply from our contribution without registreing anywhere . thanks

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RE: How to become a Microsoft MVP ?
This would be a good question for Ace, our local MVP. :P

The way I understand it, it's how much you stand out from the crowd. For example, I'm sure they guy behind JSON.Net is surely an MVP due to the impact his creation has had on the .Net community. You can be recognized for outstanding contributions to online communities. Or even nominated by a current MVP. In the end, certain Microsoft employees will review the candidate and ultimately make a decision.

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RE: How to become a Microsoft MVP ?
MVP's are awarded by dedication to making helpful contributions to the technical communities. There's a variety of awards people can achieve however including MCC. At the end of the day you need to show that you dedicate your time to improving and providing solutions for various Microsoft products. You may come up with a new way of dealing with BSOD analysis, make a suggested improvement to a .NET language, provide bug reports, etc.

It's really about being a community leader and helping Microsoft improve their products for the people that use their products and services everyday.
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